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Hijab reflects the modesty of your character and spread a positive image of the females of Islam around the world. Islamic dress code requires a Woman to cover her entire body and Hijab is the part of the dress which primarilycovers the head, ears, and neck area. بطوله يورو 2023

The Hijab trend has evolved with time and come a long way and Sharailibas has been on the forefront all the time in promoting the latest hijab designs. You can choose easily from the huge hijab collection of Sharailibas. بوكر كونكر It is your one-stop shop to buy online hijab in Pakistan.

Different Ways to Wear Hijab

Hijab is worn and styled in many ways by women depending on the occasion, weather, and facial structure. Let`s look at different styles of wearing the hijab.

Simple Hijab Style

  1. Pin your hijab under your chin. One side should be smaller than the other
  2. Pin-up both sides of scarf together under the chin
  3. Make folds from the backside of your hijab
  4. Take the longer side and wrap it loosely around your head
  5. Secure your hijab on either side using straight pins
  6. Pin the extra part to your shirt of simple tuck it under your shirt

Hijab without a Pin

Getting late? No problem. Take a long rectangular scarf and casually wrap it around your head once, throw one end of it over one shoulder, and you are good to go.

Side-Pinned Hijab Style

Probably the most common and most easy style to wear hijab. Simply wrap your scarf around your head and secure it on one side of your head with a ball pin and you are all done. لويس سواريز

Chest Covering Hijab

This will work perfectly with the printed hijab. Just spread one corner of it across your chest and tie the rest of it as your hijab to showcase its beautiful print in all its glory.

Hijab with Accessories

A fine way to do this style is to insert some of your rings onto a loose corner of your hijab that is hanging down one side of your face.